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The Zartan Follies

Growing up, my best friend Mauricio and I were rabid GI Joe collectors. I was into the line first, having began my collection with the very first, pre-swivel-arm-battle-grip wave, and I like to think it was my influence that finally … Continue reading

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Have a Little Faith (The Importance of Toys, Part 2)

Everybody knows girls aren’t attracted to guys who collect action figures, or any other “toy” in the traditional sense of the word. Toys remain the preoccupation of lonely man-children who inhabit a world wholly without meaningful female companionship apart from, … Continue reading

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Yo, Joe – Why Can’t I Quit You?

I recently bought some new GI Joe figures. I’ve quit the line at least four times over the years (decades), but somehow Hasbro keeps managing to reel me back in. My fiancee, Canongirl, and I were out looking for the … Continue reading

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Emotional Resonance, or the Importance of Toys (Part 1)

Toys were my first friends. They also provided an important link to the “real” friends I would go on to make in my life. If another kid in my class was into Star Wars or GI Joe, then chances were … Continue reading

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